Upcoming Events:

Thursday, September 24, 2015
City of Johns Creek Budget Review
Town Hall-"It's our $$ folks"
Johns Creek City Hall
7:00 PM

Thursday, October 8, 2015
Atlanta Athletic Club
St. Andrews Ballroom
Campaign Reception/ Q&A
7:00 PM

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Eric & Ginger Gregory's Home
Open house campaign reception
Country Club of the South
7:00-9:00 PM

Thursday, October 15, 2015
Johns Creek High School Parent Teacher and Student Association ("PTSA").  Hosting annual Voter Information Night and Candidate Forum.
7:00 pm at Johns Creek High School

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Johns Creek Homeowners Association.
Candidate Forum.
Saint Benedict's Church
6:00 - 9:00PM

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Country Club of the South
Meet & Greet/ Q&A
7:00 PM

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Vote: Tom Radford Post #6

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Not a politician but a concerned citizen.  It is all about we.
"We the People"

Priorities as your city representative:


1. Traffic and infrastructure are clearly out of control and under my watch will take priority over every other dollar spent by our government.   

During September 8, 2015 council meeting, the government renewed the city’s current lawn mowing contractor, whom they have “had a great relationship since the inception of the city”, to mow the grass along our roadways.   Another qualified contractor's bid was $1 million lower per year to mow the lawn.  Yes, that is $1.2 million extra per year for lawn service. Our government claimed that the current lawn contractor is better qualified to mow grass even though the lowest bidder was qualified and produced good references.        

Undisputedly, these type decisions are a waste of tax payer’s money!

Multiple subdivisions could be paved with $1 million per year, yet the current government chooses a better lawn maintenance provider. 

2. Protecting citizens’ property values by opposing re-zoning for high density development housing initiatives i.e. "The District".
Our current government has warned us that we are severely unbalanced between residential to commercial property tax differential and we are facing revenue shortages in the future. They claim the best way to survive is acting on building a "725 acre DISTRICT" which will include high density urban housing, and our current government claims this is the solution to a revenue problem that does not exist.

The most recent city audited financial statements clearly state that the city has assets exceeding liabilities of over $185 million with a gain of over $16 million last year alone.  Net unrestricted funds available at year end exceeded $54 million which is enough to sustain the entire city operations for over a year without any additional revenue whatsoever. 

Undoubtedly, the “District" is not necessary!

3. Taxes - We need to reduce tax burdens on citizens at every opportunity we can. 

Recently, Fulton County imposed heavy tax assessments on our property values. Our current government had the opportunity to reduce our millage to help offset the additional taxation by the county.   Instead, our current government voted to keep our millage rate the same; which, according to Georgia State Legislation is a tax increase on the citizens. (See Taxpayer Bill of Rights @ r. 560-11-2.58) 

Surprisingly, our current government raised our taxes even though this contradicts their past and current campaign promises that they will “lower tax burdens”. Raising taxes when sitting on $54 million in reserves earning less than 1% is incomprehensible.  

4. Transparency- Bring clarity to citizens on all items, including budget specifics and capital initiatives by having town hall meetings at reasonable times and locations so our working citizens can participate and share ideas.    

During the last campaign for city council, which was less than 2 years ago, one of the topics of discussion was if we should we have a city center.  Within a few months after the elections, the government rolled out their 725 acre high density urban district plan with the location already selected combined with elaborate renderings of San Antonio, River Walk with the narration of we will be like "Montreal and Paris".  The question of “if” we should consider a District was never asked. 

Disturbingly, one might wonder what other plans are in the works without our input or involvement.

5. Unite North Fulton- Forge an alliance with our North Fulton neighbors to protect the interest of Johns Creek and our neighbors from the misappropriation of our hard earned tax dollars out of Johns Creek.


Our family oriented residents enjoy the safe, family-friendly community of Johns Creek and I believe our voices need to be heard.  As your city councilman I will represent the voice of the community and solicit citizen comments which will be the primary driving source of government decisions.


Servant with Passion & Common Sense!