I am very grateful and humbled by the support recieved from fine citizens of Johns Creek. Many are asking who I will support going forward, and I am considering each of the fine candidates with prayer and discernment.   My thoughts are only that, so please investigate as much as possible, for those who voted for me are quite capable of doing their homework.

Protect and preserve the values of Johns Creek’s family foundation


Engage citizens in future planning and developments

Revisit reconstitution of Milton County 


Review current city  guidelines affecting small business


Pursue solutions to Johns Creek congested roadways, both state and local

Pursue state and county disproportionate revenues to Johns Creek
Encourage slow growth with community transparency and input


Initiate a web based polling platform for any new developments


Initiate video feed for city council and zoning meetings with voter access without inconvenience 


Support a spirit of open communication between city council, zoning commission and citizens


Vote May 20, 2014

Genuine Servant with Substance!